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    Tuesday, 15 May 2012


    I first heard about the Ciate caviar manicure when people started re-tweeting images of their bejewelled nails onto my twitter feed so when Ciate set up there pop-up shop in Selfridges last week, I was first there to bag myself a set (or two!) 

    Ciate Caviar Manicure

    The sets come in three colour variations, I went for the rainbow and black pearl options but they also do a stunning mother of pearl which is a white polish with clear beads. Each set is £18 and should contain enough for 30 applications. 
    it's pretty simple to apply, you just paint a layer of polish on your nail, then after the second coat you sprinkle the tiny beads on and press into the nail to secure them and voilĂ ! Plus there's no need to worry about losing the beads as the set contains a tray and funnel to allow you to collect the excess & refill your bottle!

    Ciate Caviar Manicure

    i would definitely recommend the manicure if you want it for a one-night occasion but they are not durable in the slightest! I was told not to put any top coat on as the nails are supposed to have a jagged effect but i found that they were impossible to keep on! I had my mani done for a party and by the end of the night most of the beads had come off...i might try it again with a topcoat and see if that helps!

    Ciate Caviar Manicure


    1. might try this myself, so pretty! x

    2. I'm really tempted to buy this, is a shame the beads come off easily but it will still look good on a night out!


    3. I REALLY want this! I think the rainbow one would be lovely as an accent nail, but I want all three! x

    4. I love this nail polish! I really need it in my collection (:


    5. They look so good! shame the bead's fall off so quickly though, really wanted to try these out x

    6. I am obsessed with these sets!
      It's such a shame they get messed up so easily but I've found that using a topcoat really ruins the effect.

      Miss Sarah x
      Miss Sarah's Blog

    7. I have wanted to try these for a long time, now I have seen how pretty they look on your nails I am definitely considering buying them!!