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    Saturday, 9 March 2013


    i headed up to portobello road this afternoon with two of my friends from work to trawl the streets for some bargains! on the walk down from notting hill gate station we past what looks like a Banksy artwork! i'm not 100% sure if its a genuine but its being protected by a plastic cover so i'm leaning towards believing that it is!

    Portobello road is filled with antique and vintage jewellery stores so you can pick up some great bargains! there's tons of quriky clip-on earrings which i love so  i literally hauled my way through piles of them on to find the perfect pat butcher style! you have to shop around and don't be afraid to haggle - some places start with extortionate prices but you can usually get them down with enough bargaining

    portobello road is also filled with lots of street food outlets offering hot dogs, basa fish wraps, pastries and pizza - down the very end near portobello green market there is a little food market where they serve noodle soups, curries and some delicious jerk chicken! it's definitely worth a visit!

    Portobello Road Market

    Portobello Road Market Banksy

    Portobello Road Market

    Portobello Road Market

    Portobello Road Market

    Portobello Road Market Food

    Portobello Road Market Food
    anyone else been to portobello road?
    what are your favourite weekend markets?


    1. Would love to visit there judging from this post, i've always loved stores where the jewelry is all laid out how it is in the 5th photo, it makes me want to buy it all!x


    2. I loveee portobello road! Amazing place! X