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    Wednesday, 12 March 2014


    i'm not the biggest fan of roast dinners so my favourite alternative is to head to burger and lobster for an late sunday afternoon lunch. everyone knows the drill by now about burger and get the choice of a burger, lobster or lobster roll served with salad and fries for just £20. its a simple concept to follow plus they even paint the instructions on the wall for anyone struggling to understand....

    Burger and Lobster Green Park

    Burger and Lobster Green Park

    Burger and Lobster Green Park

    whenever i've been, the wait for a table is ALWAYS at least about 40 minutes but instead of giving up and going somewhere patient! you can pop your name on the waiting list and they'll give you  a call when your tables ready so you're free to go for a wander or drink elsewhere. My advice - prop yourself up at the bar and have a drink - the cocktails are seriously good!

    Burger and Lobster Green Park

    Once you've made the arduous decision as to whether you're going to go surf or turf, sit back and get ready for the beautiful beast to make it's way to your table. I always go whole lobster, grilled with lemon butter, however I have it on good authority that the burger is amazing too though....and i really do intend to try it every time I go, but £20 for a whole lobster? There's no arguing with that. 

    Burger and Lobster Green Park

    Burger and Lobster Green Park

    There's now serveral B&L locations across London including the newly opened site on the 5th Floor at Harvey Nics. Some of the restaurants are now taking reservations so check out the website here

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