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    Thursday, 26 June 2014


    I haven’t wanted to be part of a club as badly as the Byron Burger Club, since I went on the waiting list for the Spice Girls fan club back in 1997. Thankfully the wait to join Byron’s club was instant and it’s already been far more rewarding (damn you SPICE GIRLS). The first dividend I received as a fully-fledged member of the crew was an invite to their second club- night, this time in honour of the Minneapolis legend: The Juicy Lucy.
    Byron Juicy Lucy Burger Club
    So the tale goes two diners on the same street in the US state claim to have invented and perfected the Juicy Lucy, a two pattie burger with molten cheese between the meat (I saw this on an episode of Man v Food so it must be true) and now Fred Smith and his Byron buddies have decided to create their own version in honour of the legend!
    Byron Juicy Lucy Burger Club
    Byron Juicy Lucy Burger Club
    Byron Juicy Lucy Burger Club
    My friend Lex and I visited the Spitalfields Byron to put the UK counterpart to the test - the restaurant was decked out in Juicy Lucy balloons and banners with each diner having their own Juicy Lucy Bib on the table. Once seated, the feast began with a towering Juicy Lucy and bacon cheese fries being delivered to our seats.Byron Juicy Lucy Burger Club
    She was a vision. I made the some-what fatal mistake of cutting my Lucy in half – there was no way I would have been able to fit it all in my mouth – and what ensued was a delicious river of molten cheese oozing out on my hands/face/lap – thank god for the bib. The fries themselves were a revelation – crinkle-cuts with cheese and bacon….creamy, fluffy deliciousness.

    Byron Juicy Lucy Burger Club
    Byron Juicy Lucy Burger Club
    Next up was the banana cream pie – banoffee pie is my ultimate dessert so I was especially looking forward to this! It was a dream – the base was a little bit hard to break through but after all the calories I had consumed I was almost thankful of a little extra hard work!
    Byron Juicy Lucy Burger Club
    All of this was washed my down with Byron larger + lime – fast becoming my summer drink de jour – and all for £20. I can’t wait for the next one!

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