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    Friday, 20 February 2015


    To celebrate valentine’s day this year, the boy & I went to Vinopolis near Borough Market for an afternoon of wine tasting. If you’ve never been to Vinopolis , it’s essentially a huge event space which is set up with 8 tasting and educational zones where you can wander around at your own leisure sampling different wines at the  various self-service cabinets. 

    When you arrive, you’re given a little card which is loaded with what I like to call your ‘booze money’ – credits which you redeem in exchange for glasses of wine (some are as little as 1 credit whereas some can be up to 3 or  4). You also get a 15 minute introduction at the beginning of your session where you learn how to detect the age, aromas and flavours of a wine and how to taste like a pro – sniff, swirl and slurp!   

    We had a lot of fun walking around the different rooms which had loads of interesting pointers and trivia about wine on the walls and of course we had a lot of fun drinking the different wines! I only tend to drink white wine so I tried to branch out and try a red, a rose and some dessert wines and found a  muscatel dessert wine was my absolute favourite – so much so I bought a bottle to take home!

    Included in our Valentine’s package was a ‘Framboise Fizz’ – similar to a Kir royale, a cheese and charcuterie board and a bottle of Prosecco – so it’s safe to say we stumbled home a little merry! 

    Vinopolis Wine Tasting 
    Vinopolis Wine Tasting

    Vinopolis Wine Tasting

    Vinopolis Wine Tasting

    Vinopolis Wine Tasting

    Vinopolis Wine Tasting

    Vinopolis Wine Tasting

    Vinopolis Wine Tasting

    Wine Tasting Cheese and Meat

    Sadly Vinopolis is closing down at the end of this year, so get down there whilst you still can! As it’s right around the corner to Borough Market, it’s a great way to spending a Saturday afternoon before trying the food from the stalls in the market!

    1 Bank End, London SE1 9BU

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